We approach web design in a holistic way. We begin by understanding your project: its audience, its goals, its challenges. From there, we can use a variety of strategies to come up with an approach to your project that suits your budget. These concepts include:

  • Digital strategy: What is your website trying to accomplish? Who is it for? 
  • Content strategy and Information Architecture: What content will the site include? How will the it be structured? 
  • User Experience Design: How can we make your site work best for people while accompishing your business goals?
  • Visual design and graphics

We are also adept at working with existing design schemes. This could be a general design scheme for your organization (e.g. logo, colours, etc.), or an existing set of web templates. Woolwich Web Works can fill in the gaps by providing everything from a full-scale website design, to individual page designs for new sections of your site.


Even this simple Drupal 8 site is deployed automatically. When a change is committed to version control, GitLab spins up a Docker container that performs tests, runs `composer install`, then transfers the files to a Web server (and runs database updates). No human interaction required.

Sound too technical? Don't worry, we'll take care of all the details. What this means for you is that we can deploy changes to your production site with minimal disruption. All of our work is developed in a local development environment first, then tested on a staging site. Once you confirm that the changes are working as expected, we can easily deploy them to your production site.

We’ve performed this service on multiple Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites for clients like LabX, with a range of different setups. We can do the same for you, too. 


At Woolwich Web Works, web development is the core of what we do. We specialize in bringing your website to life with the right front-end and back-end development tools.

Most website projects require some form of content management. For that, we usually choose Drupal: an open source, modular content management framework. Find out more about our Drupal development work.

Wondering about mobile? All of our web projects are built using Responsive Web Design: a flexible way of building websites that adapt to different screen sizes. Search Engine Optimization, usability and accessibility for persons with disabilities are integrated parts of everything we do too.

Ongoing Support

At Woolwich Web Works, we don't just build big web projects. We also continue to support you and your website as long as you need us. We are happy to continue to work with you to add new functionality, fix bugs, and keep your website looking fresh.

As part of all or our projects, we build in methods for developing changes in a local environment and deploying them to your production site with minimal disruption. This makes it easy to continue to evolve and improve your site.

Extend your Team

Is your in-house team overwhelemed? Or perhaps you're missing some expertise in key areas. Woolwich Web Works can help. We have many years of experience collaborating with in-house development teams on an ongoing or project basis. We are comfortable working with a variety of project management tools and development workflows. 

Please contact us to find out how we can help.